With WSF Students / Inventor Research Grant, students can apply for the grants by sending in ideas that are beneficial to the community and the nation. They can improve on their financial capacity by improving the financial capacity of others. Our belief is; by funding one brilliant idea, we have created an opportunity for one person to bless other people – workers. WSF is hoping that we can cause a ripple effect or a chain reaction in the general developmental human food chain.

If Youth X has a soap making idea and we fund his small home factory, he can bless 4 other people with gainful employment to help in his factory – Waves of Success..

The Artisans fund

Very often our society tends to judge the youth as lazy. People look down on the young people who hang around bus stations and other public buildings and refer to them as destitute. But ironically there lies our country’s greatest potential; its young people, who are the future generation. Waves of Success have embarked earnestly on the Artisans fund initiative. Young and skilled entrepreneurs / artisans can come to us and present their SME and start-up plans for small grants that can help jumpstart such realties. No one must be left standing; this is our watchword.