the WSF-Five Aside tourney for under 16 years of age is amongst a few of the opportunities we create for young people to display their God given talent in the game of sports. The exposure we give them from organizing this tournament has exposed to the lime light young promising players to international outlooks.

Other sports initiatives includes the WSF-Girls Basketball Competition, WSF-Sports-Kit-Fund which is slated for local football clubs.


Medical outreach

What is wealth without health? WSF has two key medical outreach programs. The combined community medical outreach program that provides a series of medical care treatment : Eye tests by qualified optometrists, Blood sugar level check, AIDS tests, and other relevant medical care for both children and adults. We also have the First Aid Box donations for quick emergency treatment for primary schools.



Right now in Nigeria there are no accessible funds to help students with their fees, so many students even medical students have dropped out of school due to poverty. Most are from our universities. With the WSF School Scholarship Fund our brightest students can now benefit from the works of their brain. Students now know if they work hard and register with us by providing us with their semester school grades they can benefit from this fund.